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Welcome to a new light in your life: Solar Power

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. We do this by using photo-voltaic (PV). This system converts light into electric current using a photo-electric effect. This solar power is an important and relatively inexpensive source of electrical energy that can reduce your own electricity bills and even allow you to export excess electricity to the national power system, the grid. Here in Sri Lanka it is now possible to install a reliable PV system to reduce your electricity bills using proven and efficient German technology.

Who We Are

GLSolar Power is a German photo-voltaic company established in 2006. Our company in Sri Lanka, G.L. Solar Power (Private) Limited, trades as G.L. Solar Power (Sri Lanka) and was incorporated on 17th July 2013 as a Private Limited Company with limited liability. The company has been formed to supply, install and maintain solar photo-voltaic systems in Sri Lanka.

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What We Do

Electricity costs are increasing every day causing extra expense for the consumer, whether a private householder or a commercial business enterprise. At last there is a way to generate your own energy power by a cost effective and eco-friendly system. Now you can install our Solar System and NET Meter to produce electricity for your residence or commercial building. The excess can be exported to your mains supplier to reduce your monthly electricity bill by 100%.

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Why Us

The G.L.Solar Power (Private) Company employs qualified engineers and to ensure the quality of service at all times, using German techniques and efficiency. The products we provide and service are made in Germany to the highest German industry standards.

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The only company which delivers 100% products from Germany

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Gold Award INCO 2015 best managed stall


What Our Clients Say


I am very satisfied with Solar power Energy. From the beginning site evaluation to the installation, everyone was very professional. The workers arrived on time, and the installation was done as quoted. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the installation.

- Jim Roberts
testimonial_quote  I wanted to let you know the happy news:Our electric meter is running backwards! I have waited for years to have this experience here in my home. Thank you all (and the rest of the team) so much for helping make it a reality. - Sandra
testimonial_quoteI am more than happy to serve as reference for G.L.Solar power. Your team did a very professional job from start to finish. The system is performing exactly as advertised; we hope to use your services again in the future. - Herrick